Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who's your daddy? DNA Kits available!

Who's your daddy? 

With the Wisdom Panel DNA Kit, now you can know!
This Breed Identification DNA Test detects 100% of AKC breeds and covers 200+ breeds and varieties!

Three easy steps!
  • Collect dog's DNA (saliva, not blood)
  • Activate test online
  • Mail back test - Emailed report within 3 weeks! 
Make bets with your friends! Be sure to tell Arizona Beagle Rescue the results! (see examples below!)

We have the DNA kits in stock for less than what you pay at the store (only $65) and the proceeds benefit Arizona Beagle Rescue! The kits can be picked up locally or shipped to you for a small postage fee.

Find out what breed your dog is today!

For local pickup, buy here!

For shipping, buy here!

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